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Who created this movie? And is it just America’s fault, or is there a slight possibility that the Americanshow’s creators overlook their own mistakes and point at Bush to hide something?

What you think about it? Please comment.

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Who is behind of Georgian attacks on South Ossetia?

Main streets in Georgian cities still carry the name of Stalin.
Russian officials have blamed Stalin regime as dictatorship.
But Saakashvili treat him as a national hero.
“Saakashvili regime” in Georgia.
Is this democracy or new dictatorship?

Georgia: police use tear gas, water cannons, noise weapons.
Independent TV and radio news have been suspended.

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Sometimes politics is a real comedy show. The politics of hypocrisy.

Jon Stewart recaps the current situation in Georgia (and the media’s ridiculous coverage of it),

Jon says what needed to be said about the short term memory problems affecting Bush, Rice, and McCain and about the complete non-presumptuousness of McCain’s dispatching a team of envoys to Georgia.

Anti-Olympic Update – In Europe

It’s amazing how adding the phrase “in Europe” makes our military actions more palatable, even fun.

Stewart: “It’ll be very interesting to see what the United States does here. Our invasion of Iraq somewhat hamstrings our options in Georgia, not just militarily, but also dimplomaticly, and I guess you would say, morally? Let’s watch our UN Ambsassador Zalmay Khalilzad dance the delicate dance…

Khalilzad: We want to make sure our Russian colleagues understand that the days of overthrowing leaders by miulityary means…

Stewart: Careful, Khalilza. Steady…steady…

Khalilzad: The days of overthrowing leaders by military means in Europe, those days are gone…

Stewart: Yes! He did it! Those days are gone…in Europe. In the Middle East, it’s morning in America.

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By Shiva – Aug 13th, 2008

obama-mccain-georgia-russia-war fake

-And the thousands of innocent Georgian and Ossetian lives are sacrificed to achieve it? Are Putin and George Bush shaking hands behind the closed doors?


In the attack on Ossetia by Georgia, President Saashkhavili seems to have miscalculated the level of response by the Russians. This may be due in part to the suggestions made by his top adviser who just happens to be McCains top foreign policy adviser, Randy Scheunemann. Scheunemann who works as a lobbyist for Georgia to help them obtain weapons from the US, also serves as a strategic and tactical adviser to Georgia. McCain and Scheunemann have visited Georgia as many as 15 times since 2004 to assist in the deployment of the military and to advise on foreign policy including a bid to join NATO and tactical advise on Russia. One has to wonder if McCain and Scheunemann recent advise was intended to create a small skirmish that would assist McCain in his presidential bid. Both McCain and Scheunemann were likely surprised that Russia would take the opportunity to consider overthrowing the Georgian government. But you know what they say about playing with fire.

Now it is going to be a war of wills between McCain and Putin and neither will win. McCains roots go further back with Georgia. He was the primary force behind arming Georgia in exchange for their acting as one of our few allies in Iraq. McCain and his top foreign policy adviser (who also happens to be a lobbyist paid by Georgia to get weapons and training from the US) have been advising Georgia since 2004 on how to deal with Russia.

This is currently backfiring on McCain (and the US) because Putin is pointing the finger and the blame for the Georgian invasion squarely on the US. Today Putin condemned the overnight US operations that airlifted soldiers out of Iraq so they could fight Russian forces in Ossetia. Many, including McCain have threatened sanctions and other actions against Russia if they do not stand down from the conflict.

This shifts the conflict from the battle front to a dispute between Russia and the US, and in particular with McCain who has been taunting Putin for some time in a war of words. Putin has retaliated saying that top members in the US are acting like we are in the midst of the past cold war, and that their actions are not in line with the current peaceful relationship.

Although McCain is not President in the US he has taken center stage to both condemn Russia and call on the world to threaten sanctions against Russia if they do not stand down and comply with US request.

Russia, the 3rd largest military superpower in the world maintains an arsenal of nuclear weapons pointed directly at the US. In addition, Russia’s primary allies include China, the Middle East including Iran and any other communist regime who might side against the US.

The McCain camp who has publicly stated that a conflict such as this could help their campaign are surely overjoyed at the prospect of war with Russia as it would all but ensure his presidency.


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